• The dongle key need to be connected to the computer for opening the software
  • Valid on many computer
  • Valid for the current software version
  • Valid if you re-install the software
  • Valid if you re-install an operating system
  • Can be upgraded to a new version
  • No internet connexion required
  • No WinPCSIGN account required
  • Shipping required
  • Free update
  • Free support

BROKEN OR LOSS DONGLE: The dongle is the key for opening the software, without the dongle you will no longer be able to open WinPCSIGN. If for any reason you loss or broke your dongle, you will need to contact-us and we will help you getting a new one. Fee may be applied.

We provide a 30-day warranty for the USB dongle key. In the event of a broken or burned key, the customer must ship the defective key back, and then we will ship a replacement key for $75.00 plus shipping fees.

If you do not have a USB dongle key, or you do not want to ship the key back, we can offer you an upgrade to WinPCSIGN PRO 2018 (1 CD-Rom and 1 USB Dongle). You will need to provide us with the version number of the WinPCSIGN software you own.



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