Dongle Key - Broken, Defective or Lost

Broken or Defective

In case of a defective key, sometime the port don't recognized the dongle for this reason we recommend you to test it into another usb port or into another computer. If you are still unable to open WinPCSIGN then there a high change that the key is no longer working.

To get a new dongle you have to take a picture of the dongle and send it to and let us know what version of WinPCSIGN you own. Once we get and valid your dongle status we will be able to send you a replacement key for $65.00 plus shipping fees.


If you no longer have the USB dongle key, you will have to consider upgrading to the latest version of WinPCSIGN.

Web license - Get rid of the dongle

We also offer you the option to purchase an online license for WinPCSIGN BASIC and WinPCSIGN PRO. The license version will be delivered to your email address so you can work with your new version 15 minutes after your purchase!

Software Dongle Key


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