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Having problem with my cutter responding to computer. I have tried all the com ports, when I go to cut it says plotter not detected?

Check your Port setting on Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager Ports COM & LPT (Shortcut: Windows Key + Pause Key.)

You can also check on your computer Bios setup, maybe the com ports are not enables.

You can test the communication of your computer. For that you need to go to C:\Microsoft windows DOS To do so, select RUN from Windows Start button and write Command .and click Ok.

Then from Microsoft windows DOS screen type: Mode Com1 and press Enter ( you can repeat this order to com2) The status for device COM1 must be Baud:9600 Parity:None Data Bits: 8 Stop Bits: 1

If your Status for device COM show a different value; you can use this order to change your port value. Write this MODE COM1:96,N,8,1,P and press Enter button ( you can repeat this order to com2,3,4 etc)

If any plotter name is showing in the Add Remove active plotter listing. i recommend you to Delete the register of all WinPCSIGN versions on your computer. For that got to Windows Start, All Program, WinPCSIGN, Tools and select WinPCSIGN Registry.

If you dont have any Com ports in your computer I recommend you to get the USB to Serial adapter. Read also question #21


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